Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Products from Celluon at IFA - Check Reddit

Got Multiple alerts from some readers today about a post on the MicroVision forum from Reddit. I appreciate the heads up -- I'll be checking with Celluon's office outside Seattle to see if I can get up close and personal with this stuff this week.

Microvision on Reddit

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Haven't had time to post earlier this week. Visited Celluon @ IFA on Monday. I was really impressed by the PicoBit. They had several of them for exhibition.
They told me it is 50lm and is actually perceived 2 times as bright as the picoPro. The PicoPro was on the left for comparison and I can confirm it. Even though the ambient light conditions were quite bright, one could easily watch the saturated picture of the PicoBit. I found it very high quality.
Another nice thing is, that you now have an sd-card slot, as well as that you can connect with an iphone wirelessly, although they told me that you will just be able to show own content like pictures and so on, not yet downloaded content (and maybe also not streamed content).
The touchpad is a nice working feature allowing you to select pictures videos or anything else currently at display. Although I didn't find it as smooth as my iphone touch screen. But the reason for it might have been also my sticky a little bit wetted fingers.
There were even other projector devices presented, but unfortunately I didn't take enough time to try them out as well. I was told that the PicoBit will start selling at the end of September. At first from Celluon Website and later from Amazon. I was glad to hear that the PicoBit will be also available in Europe through Amazon. 
I am very looking forward to buy several PicoBits at the end of month :-)

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