Thursday, September 29, 2016

Parallel developments

Many things need to come together for great new products. Automobiles didn't do particularly well until the availability of paved roads.

So, looking to things like the computer chips for mobile devices that drive media well.. just part of the puzzle.

Chips from MediaTek, are coming with multiple cores -- which to the best of my understanding make them much more efficient for media applications. MediaTek's chips are being used in more and more smartphones around the world.

There still isn't much need for 10 CPU cores in smartphones or tablets, but the developer board could put the chip to good use. Quad-core chips are considered powerful enough for handsets.

The board also uses a Mali-T880 graphics processor, which is in Samsung's latest Galaxy S7 smartphones. The GPU is capable of 4K video playback and recording in the HEVC and VP9 formats, so it could be used to run mobile virtual reality apps.

The board has many other potential uses. It can be used as an Android PC, which can be hard to find, or as a file or media server. It can be a test-bed for developing mobile applications. It can also be used to make robots, drones, and smart home devices.

MediaTek wants to put the 10-core X20 chip in more products beyond mobile devices, and the development board will help, said Stephane Le Provost, senior technical director at MediaTek USA.

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