Monday, September 26, 2016

Nintendo Projector Patent

Nintendo has been on the radar for a while. They have been doing various things with projection and are due to announce a console/portable hybrid that has pretty interesting descriptions about it. So, this is pretty cool -- I could see how a slight adjustment of the PicoP generated image would result in this kind of effect.

Thanks Jason!!

NintendoLife -- More at the source

The patent is for a projector that displays a flat image on uneven surfaces. It's not the first time that Nintendo has filed patents in this area. In 2014 there was a patent for an illumination device, and in gaming terms one more recent idea was for a gadget that detects objects and has projection capabilities. This latest filing was submitted on 3rd February this year and published on 22nd September; much of it is in Japanese, but the following abstract and demonstration images show it off clearly.

In any case, it's a simple idea that no doubt needs some clever technology to make it work, which is typical Nintendo. 

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