Friday, September 16, 2016

CastAR & Disney Infinity

This has my attention on a couple of fronts. One is CastAR -- any maker of augmented reality glasses is a possibility for Microvision's inclusion. (Nomad beats everything else I saw for field of view -- and any claims I've heard so far.)  

This also has "table top games coming to life" which was where we saw Microvision and Disney cooperating.  Disney (There's more, use the search)

Engadget  (much more at the source)

CastAR, the augmented reality company founded by two former Valve engineers, has set up a new studio in Salt Lake City with the goal of creating fresh mixed-reality experiences. To help fill the new digs, castAR scooped up a handful of developers who worked on the Disney Infinityseries at Avalanche Software until that studio was unceremoniously shut down in May.


CastAR, founded by Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson, has been buliding a pair of augmented reality glasses that can be used in everyday and professional life. However, the company hasn't forgotten its gaming roots: One of its main goals is to create tabletop games that come to life with the castAR glasses. That's fairly close to what the folks at Avalanche were doing with Disney Infinity -- but instead of bringing reality to life, they fused it with the television screen.

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