Saturday, October 1, 2016

I get up close with the MotoMod Insta-Share Projector

So, last night found me in Seattle. After connecting with friends in Edmonds, I stopped at a Verizon store in the Alderwood Mall hopes of finding a MotoMod InstaShare Projector. They had it in the store and the manager was willing to let me operate it for a while. (Thanks Caitlin)

I managed to get hold of it. They keep it in the back. They have a difficult time keeping them charged up when it's out front.

The picture is pretty good relative to it's specs. It's good enough to enjoy the content, but not nearly as good as that offered by the PicoPro. 

I had to constantly fiddle with the focus wheel to get a focused picture. There was a wide focus range. It was quite difficult to find the place where the picture looked good. 

Most of the heat seemed to come from the phone, and not the projector unit. I'm almost certain the projector has a fan -- the environment was loud, and when I turned the sound all the way down I could still hear a hiss from the back.

The battery life is a very significant issue with this projector. I used it for maybe fifteen minutes at most, and the battery went from 36% down to 3% in that time. This may be because this sample battery has been abused by rapid, frequent and partial charge and re-charge.

I asked what the reaction to it is, (yes, I know that we're dealing with sales people here.) and the report was that it was very popular, and there's been a lot of demand for it.

This is the competition -- and Microvision can outclass this easily. I've been invited to bring the PicoPro back and do a side by side comparison. I'm not sure when I'll get down there again, but hopefully soon.

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