Monday, October 17, 2016

Microsoft Continuum

Microsoft Continuum has popped up before as a possibility. It's a means to extend a smart phone. 

They will be announcing soon.

The new Windows smartphone will be released by Microsoft on October 26 in an event held in New York City.

The Windows Surface Phone will also be coming with the Mobile Continuum feature. According to the Windows Website, "Continuum turns your phone into a big-screen projector and a big-time productivity tool. Use a dock or adapter to connect to a TV or monitor, then use your apps and see your content on a larger screen."
Contents on your Windows smart phone can also be viewed on a Windows 10 PC via Continuum without the need of a dock or an adapter. Basically, with the help of additional hardware, your phone will become like a PC with the help of Continuum.


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