Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Xiaomi is another regional company worth watching. They have been on the radar as long as Micromax. If they're already doing a push into the US they would be an equally interesting regional player to be adopting Microvision's tech.

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Xiaomi is one of Apple 's(NASDAQ: AAPL) biggest rivals in the Chinese smartphone market, but the six-year-old start-up has only taken baby steps into the U.S. market. It launched a U.S. shopping portal for headphones, power banks, fitness trackers, and other accessories last year. Earlier this year, it declared its intentions to enter the U.S. smartphone market despite tough competition and concerns about saturation.

But before taking that big step, Xiaomi is taking a swing at another market where Apple looms large -- set-top boxes. Xiaomi recently launched the Mi Box -- an Android TV box which comes with Sling TV, Pandora, and Vudu credit -- as its first major hardware push into the U.S. market. The device is currently available on its U.S. website and at Vudu parent company Wal-Mart 's(NYSE: WMT) stores.

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