Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hilarious & Good MotoMod Review

MotoMod is starting to get some attention from various reviewers (myself included) and the reviews have generally been positive. 

PicoP is a lot better of course...  so, when whatever is in the way of mass introduction is out of the way, I expect really good things.
Just this week, for example, I walked into the kitchen and found my mom talking to my sister-in-law and her mom about the kind of things that Filipino women talk about when they get together in the, well, kitchen. Like that two-minute period when I passed out after being run over by a car, I honestly have no recollection of what the ladies were talking about because I tend to tune out that kind of small talk. That sound you hear, by the way, is the sheer wind pressure generated by millions of Filipino men furiously nodding in agreement.

Anyway, I decided to surprise them by suddenly turning off the lights. As they looked around with some confusion, I turned on the projector attachment on this phone I was testing and started playing a YouTube video about the Hokkaido Ice Festival on the kitchen wall.

“What’s that?” my mom said. “Wait, are you doing that with a phone?”

As they all started talking about how nice it would be to get a new phone, I decided to take a few steps back, which made the display even bigger. My showmanship was like freaking Steve Jobs at an iPhone unveiling.

“Ooooh!” one of them said. “Look how big the picture is!”

By the time I was done, my mom and sister in law practically agreed that they both wanted to get a new phone. Then I remembered that the last time they both got new phones at the same time, my brother and I were the ones who ended up paying. Nice, going Sherlock. Or is that Einstein? You know, I think it's time send this phone and projector back to Verizon.

Moto Insta-Share Projector

So what was this pocket-size projector that wowed my family? That would be the Moto Insta-Share Projector, one of several “MotoMods” that can attach to the back of a Moto Z Force Droid or other compatible Motorola phone. That includes the Verizon-exclusive Moto Z Force Droid, which I recently reviewed.

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