Monday, October 10, 2016

Related Chinese Smartphone Investment

Another Microvision investor who I have met, found this and posted it on Reddit. 

Thanks Fuzzie.

Original Chinese

Google Translation

 Recently, the Chamber of Commerce through referral platform, and Shanghai Pu Optoelectronics Technology Company, Nanchang Bond Group have to Sui, field investigations and studies on investment projects. Jiaxing Min county party secretary, county Zhuming Quan, Lvya Kai County Standing Committee, deputy governor Li Shuguang were accompanied by activities.Referral of large enterprises and groups have been to Sui investment study, pay attention to the county Federation of Chamber of Commerce broad contact network of many advantages, and actively create conditions to achieve "business investment," the initial results.
And Shanghai Pu Optoelectronics Technology is a high-tech enterprise, plans to invest 10 billion yuan in building multi-function mobile phone project. Through field research to understand, settled in Suining Economic Development Zone on the performance of interest. Bond Group is a national key agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, plans to build 21 national planning "Agricultural High-tech Development Zone," consists mainly of agricultural processing zone, ecological farming area, modern growing areas. Through the docking with the county agricultural demonstration garden, earnestly feel the county based development conditions are relatively fit the requirements of the enterprise. Currently, two projects are under negotiation.

10,000,000,000 Chinese Yuan equals
1,490,768,500.00 US Dollar

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