Sunday, October 30, 2016

Go90 -- Ecosystems

A lot here. With Go90, Verizon is prepared for where the market is headed... to mobile.  

Note that their service is ad-supported, people spend an average of more than 30 minutes on the app, and -- this is important -- focused on short, episodic content of seven to eight minutes.... this is absolutely perfect type and length of content for an embedded pico projector solution.
LosAngelesTimes  -- more at the source

Verizon would not disclose results or financials for Go90, but a spokesman said the company is “very pleased” with the number of downloads and users, noting viewers spend an average of more than 30 minutes on the app.

Some observers believe that Verizon might eventually buy CBS and Viacom to bulk up in a similar way that AT&T is trying to do with its acquisition of Time Warner.

But Verizon has said that the AT&T-Time Warner deal doesn’t affect its focus on attracting millennials and teenagers to smartphone apps filled with articles and short shows.

“They are going after a market that exists today. We are going after where the market is headed,” Marni Walden, the Verizon executive in charge of leading the new efforts, said at a conference Wednesday. “We’re focused on short, episodic content — seven, eight minutes. We’re not going out to make ‘Game of Thrones.’”

“There is no plausible reason for Verizon to follow suit,” Moffett said. “Verizon's strategy in content seems to be overtly in support of their wireless business. AT&T’s seems to be diversifying away from its wireless business.”

Verizon’s bid for Yahoo was driven by its desire to build its foothold in digital content and advertising. Despite the hack, Verizon executives say they expect to close on the acquisition next year.

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