Sunday, October 23, 2016

Another interesting AR application

If we go back to the very basic things. That is learning to recognize things in our environment -- things that we face on a daily basis. You can learn about it in a classroom, but if we could teach in the classroom about it, and then have technology alert us to the conditions we have been taught about -- that should improve education dramatically. 

Augmented reality could make people a lot smarter. 

Microvision has the best near-eye displays. 

Mashable -- More at the source:

"It's not a safety device," Philip Newton, corporate vice president of Samsung Australia, told Mashable, emphasising it's not intended to replace lifesavers. "It's simply an education tool to help people become aware of what these hazards look like."

Many Australians would be hard pressed to identify a rip if they saw one — SLSA estimate two out of three swimmers think they can spot a rip when they can't. "What we need to do is drive awareness and education of what they are and what they look like," he added.

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