Thursday, October 27, 2016

AR Will be bigger than you have imagined.

What will exist with Augmented Reality is a way to increase productivity immensely, and increase learning about things immensely. 

When you can label reality, people can learn faster. Imagine being able to label things as they need to be identified and tools as they are about to be used. Being able to see through things that are being studied... that's possible with AR. 

MSPowerUser -- More at the source.

Pearson, the world’s largest textbook company, has announced a collaboration with Microsoft at the EDUCAUSE 2016 to explore the power of mixed reality to solve real challenges in areas of learning, ranging from online tutoring and coaching, nursing education, and engineering to construction and surveyor training.

With Mixed Reality learning content can be developed for HoloLens that provides students with real world experiences, allowing them to build proficiency, develop confidence, explore and learn.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock and San Diego State University are both part of a Pearson mixed reality pilot aimed at leveraging mixed reality to solve challenges in nursing education. Today many nursing programs hire and train actors to simulate scenarios nurses will face in the real world — a process that is hard to standardize and even harder to replicate. As part of the mixed reality pilot, faculty at the two universities’ schools of nursing are collaborating with Pearson to improve the value and efficacy of the types of simulations in which students participate.

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