Monday, October 31, 2016

PicoBit up on Celluon's Website

I think this is the product that takes us to the next level (unless the release of something else is bigger and imminent.)

Stand-alone projectors are great, but it takes a minute or so to connect the projector to a phone and make everything go. (And I've found that in Wifi "noisy" areas, establishing and retaining the connection can be difficult. -- like in a phone store.)

With a device that has its own operating system, focus free, with no connection issues and essentially an "instant-on" condition -- a lot of difficulties are answered.

THIS device -- with only Netflix loaded on it -- is your portable big-screen TV.  It hasn't been noticed by very many people yet, but it will be. 

Stand alone was proof of concept, this is where things get really interesting.

Celluon Picobit Website

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Show off with this ultra-slim, ultra-portable projector that lets you do more than you ever imagined.

From wireless and HDMI connections to even SD card memory, PicoBit provides the easiest ways to project a big screen experience.

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  1. Celluon's PicoPro was the best first generation stand-alone pocket-sized projector using Microvison's PicoP laser beam scanning technology. The PicoBit with PicoP inside figures to be one of the best smart projectors as this new product category emerges. I looked at the specs on both the PicoBit and the recently released ViewSmart projector with PicoP inside (which is available on Amazon today). Without a firm release date on the PicoBit, and with two key spec differences between the two projectors, my ViewSmart will arrive tomorrow (wow two business day turnaround!). With respect to the specs, the ViewSmart has resolution of 1920 x 1080p, which is slightly better than PicoBit, which according to the Celluon website, has resolution of 1920 x 720p which they are referring to as "Advanced HD". Not a game changer at this point of commercialization, but looks as if MVIS has a higher resolution PicoP module they are selling directly to ViewSmart and Celluon is using Sony's first generation module-the one Sony uses in the MP-CL1 and MP-CL1a. The eye-popping spec is ViewSmart's battery provides for 3 1/2 hours of video play versus 2 hours on the PicoBit. However, I expect both projectors to sell very well as consumer awareness increases. Exciting times!