Thursday, October 6, 2016

Augmented Reality Makes Brain Surgery Easier

This is really cool. Micrhvisions AR portfolio will be leveraged to do many useful things.

Duke Today -- More at the source
“There are many times when the fluid space we are trying to target is too small or is shifted from a standard position, and these landmarks do not provide an accurate target for us.” Cutler said. “We wanted a fast and simple way to overlay a rebuilt CT scan onto a patient’s head.”

“If you are operating on someone’s ankle and the model shakes around, it is not going to help you so much,” Kopper said. “That is where HoloLens has made great improvements. It allows us to do work that we haven’t done before.”

In her simulation, Liu can place a three-dimensional image of a brain onto a head, and watch a virtual projection of the catheter as it pierces the brain.

For now, the only patient to receive the HoloLens-aided EVD surgery is a life-size grey plastic model of a head. But if the procedure is successful in clinical settings, Cutler and Rahimpour think the holograms could be a boon in a variety of other neurological surgeries.

“Since we can manipulate a hologram without actually touching anything, we have access to everything we need without breaking a sterile field,” Cutler said. “In the end, this is actually an improvement over the current OR system because the image is directly overlaid on the patient, without having to look to computer screens for aid.”

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