Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Seattle Leading the Way in VR and Augmented Reality Development

Microvision in the right place with the right product.

Note the highlight at the bottom. The development of these systems is very difficult, and there is a lot of work involved in making it work right. 

GeekWire  (More at the source)

The region’s legacy as a gaming hub with the presence of Xbox, Nintendo, Valve, Bungie and others, makes for an easy transition into VR/AR, which in many ways is the next evolution of video games. Many of the most well-known headsets are made by companies based in the Seattle area or with offices here, such as Microsoft and the HoloLens, Facebook and Oculus Rift and Valve/HTC and the Vive.
“Because of our deep talent pool in video game development, the Puget sound region has become a center of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Realty development” said Kristina Hudson, executive director of WIN. “This is still a very young sub-cluster of the industry. Quite a lot of investment dollars are flowing to virtual, augmented and mixed reality development, and our game developers are moving in the space.”

Virtual reality is in its early days, and it has a bright future, proponents say. It’s not just gaming where virtual reality is making an impact. Entertainment, real estate, sports, medicine, industrial, architecture and many other industries are investing in virtual reality, Berry said.

Chris Donahue, senior director of alliances for AMD, broke down the extreme level of work that goes into making a virtual reality platform. Essentially, every time users move their heads, they are asking a computer what the world looks like from that angle, and that computer only has about 20 milliseconds to answer. Otherwise, Donahue said, users can get sick, and no one wants that.

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