Friday, October 14, 2016

Nintendo NX

Still watching the NX. 

This announcement could come any time. I don't KNOW anything about it, but this seems like a place PicoP could pop up. (These hints aside, Nintendo has some very interesting projector use-case items.)

Nintendo Insider ---- More at the source.

Nintendo NX Hardware

  • Nintendo hasn’t shared all of the console’s “gimmicks” with the developers yet
  • Hybrid confirmed but not the only “surprise”
  • It has been confirmed again that there are detachable controllers
  • There is no dock where the handheld is plugged in, but a wireless ‘dongle’ that upscales when playing on a TV screen
  • When playing on the handheld, the game is the same as when docked
  • Games look good on the handheld screen (780 – 900p), about PlayStation 4 level
  • Ports should be easy despite the different architecture
  • Very positive feedback on the dev tools
  • Smartphone connectivity may be possible
  • Virtual Reality support is not out of the question but early tests aren’t satisfying enough for Nintendo
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