Friday, October 21, 2016

Offline Sales China

The market of smartphones in China... background insight. 

Offline smartphone sales are booming.

This explains the strategy we are hearing about many physical point of sale locations for the Qualper phone. -- More at the source.

Recently the market research firm Sino released a market report about the Chinese smartphone market. One of its major conclusions is that the market share of Apple, Samsung and other global brands has declined to 13.3% in August, while last year this market share was clocked at 21%. This is a clear indication that those global brands have lost an important slice of the market share to Chinese smartphone companies.
In contrast, and looking back at Chinese smartphone companies, you’ll find that they have increased market share from 79% to 86.7%. A possible reason behind this is that these Chinese companies are putting huge efforts in the offline sales channel – a channel that increased by 23.6%, comparing to least year.
Throughout the whole country, from big to smaller cities, Gionee has over 100,000 corporate sales point, more than 70k special areas, and over three hundred thousand sales counters, exporting to more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and its smartphones are now being sold by eight telecom carriers outside China.

The efforts that Chinese smartphone companies put into offline markets are snagging them larger market shares and, in the near future, this sales strategy will likely be adopted by more and more smartphone companies, further confirming its success.

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