Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nintendo NX -- Nintendo Switch

There was a recent release of the Nintendo NX - Now Nintendo Switch -- that was disappointing, but it's not off the radar yet. 

Of course, what's really interesting here is that the MVIS sensing tech uses IR lasers, and has done (with Microsoft, interactive projection onto hands, etc.) and we know that it can also be a wall projector.

Whether or not this feature is in the NX, Microvision or not, this is what Microvision has up its sleeves -- this and more... also the best near-eye display.

I wouldn't mind a higher stock price now, but I'm content to wait. People really want what the company has to offer.

Source1 -- More at the source

Furthermore, recently filed patents hint that the new Nintendo Switch will contain more features than what is shown in its first trailer. According to one patent, the upcoming Nintendo console could possess GPS, motion tracking, image recognition, and a built-in projector.
The patent revealed that the projector technology will include an infrared camera with "a lens, and a sensor capable of sensing light (infrared rays; specifically, near infrared rays)." However, this doesn't mean that the Nintendo NX will provide its users with a wall-sized projector display, but with a smaller display that would allow images in the game to be projected onto the user's hand. -- More at the source

Nintendo has already said that the features seen in the reveal trailer - not only portability but detachable controllers, built in two-player, and local sync for multiplayer - aren't the only tricks it has up its sleeve, and it plans to reveal more before the console's launch next March. According to patents spotted by Polygon, that could include GPS, motion tracking, image recognition and even a built-in projector.

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