Friday, October 7, 2016

What we know -- what we don't.

We know nothing about what is going on behind the scenes at Microvision. We don't know what's going on at Sony either, or at Sharp/Foxconn, or wherever else Microvision may be working.

I wouldn't mind the stock price being higher right now, but looking at the big picture I still have all the confidence I had before.

What do we know?

We know that 1.4 billion smart phones were sold last year. (Almost everyone carries a little computer with them.) 

We know that everyone who carries a smart phone wants a bigger screen for that smart phone.

We know that large telecoms are focused on video delivery and acquiring and creating assets to do so better, monetize it with advertising, and deliver their video content free to users.

We know that it's great to use PicoP powered projectors. 

We know that standalone projectors aren't an optimal use case - Embedded, or with an operating system included will be much better. PicoBit, Qualper and Viewsmart are this category. 

There is enthusiasm for the Motorola MotoMod projector. PicoP is far better. 

We also know that Augmented Reality is the talk of the tech world and Microvision has a fantastic patent portfolio in this realm. (I was very impressed with Microvision's AR display vs other AR displays featured at CES)

People are pouring money into technology companies like Meta, where everything is still in the prototype stage. Microvision is well beyond that.

Do you invest in a company that can put a six foot screen on every cell phone -- when clearly it works and production has begun? 

Put after that a solid and large portfolio of patents in the realm of the latest real buzz in tech? That's what you get with Microvision shares. This is a very undervalued asset. Some people like to say the market knows all, and that among investors, secrets can't be kept. 

They're wrong, and the market proves it all the time. 


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