Sunday, March 12, 2017

Amazing Coincidence

The reason this blog started was as a repository for my own due-diligence. Things I'd found and saved got lost over time; they were in some file on some computer somewhere. 

(The first file that really frustrated me in this way was a video of PicoP taken with a high-speed camera -- if you know where that is, I'd still like to see that again.)

Occasionally something pops up on one of the message boards that is really good. This is one of those. I got a call about it late yesterday. (Thanks Omer.)

So check it out.  


This patent has a very interesting feature. That is the people who are listed on the patent. Tokman, Hokanen, and Rajagopalan. 

Who are the point people MicroVision has with their customers? This is telling me that this was patented due to feedback from customers. This supports the theory in the post quite well.

Patent 2 The Patent Description & Claims data below is from USPTO Patent Application 20170068393, Hybrid data acquisition in scanned beam display.

Patent 3 Title: Virtual touch overlay on touchscreen for control of secondary display.

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Yes, I've saved the article in the back, just so it won't get lost.

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