Monday, March 13, 2017

Sony Projector Tech -- Looks like Future

This is pretty cool. Whether or not Microvision's tech is in this specific thing -- Microvision will enable this kind of functionality to go mobile.

The Verge

One theme Sony hit upon at last year’s show and brought back in full force this go-around is projector-based touchscreen technology. The company has essentially taken its expertise in display projection and married it with some truly unique user interface design. The result is a pair of prototype products that can turn any flat surface into a screen that you can not only interact with using your hands, but that can also take real-world objects and turn them into a kind of augmented reality version of themselves.
Imagine placing a copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland on the table and then being able to drag a character off the page, or running your finger along a plain wooden surface and turning it into a responsive piano made of light. One demo even takes angular blocks of white-painted wood and transforms the table into a scale model of a home — using only light from the projector.

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