Monday, March 6, 2017

Conference Call

Not to be considered quotes, but how I heard it (typing on the fly, and trying to hear what is being said at the same time is difficult.)

There will be updates to this post when the transcript becomes available and based on discussions with others about the call.

Q) Can you produce volumes north of say 100 million units per year?
A) There are no limits to production...... no issues with lasers at all, manufacturing partner is extremely capable, and having that much demand would be a good problem to have.

No guidance yet, however the first of the new engines will be in mass production in the second quarter and from that time they expect 30-60 million in revenue from it (outside of all other revenue) in the 12-18 months following its introduction. [ I'll be checking this against the transcript later today]

"It looks like this technology is finally ready for the market and the market is ready for it."

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