Friday, March 31, 2017

Augmented Reality, Future of StoryTelling

Augmented Reality -- The future of Storytelling?

Notice that there is a LOT coming up about augmented reality using projection. Including this.

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AR is awesome for storytelling because it adds another dimension of informative or entertaining content to the physical world. People don’t realize it, but AR is already a big part of our lives. Anytime you use a Snapchat Lens to transform into a puppy or try to catch a Pikachu in Pokemon Go, you’re participating in an AR experience.
Beyond entertainment, AR can become an indispensable utility for us at home and at work. As documented in Harvard Business Review, AR is “closing the skills gap” for manufacturing workers and technicians. Our client GE(along with Boeing and a few other companies) has been testing AR headsets internally, resulting in an average productivity improvement of 32 percent. That’s massive!
At Allen & Gerritsen, we’ve harnessed this technology by building an interactive AR print ad for Sunoco. We wanted to elevate print media beyond its static form, so to extend the “Essence of Racing” campaign we partnered with Philly company Stuzo to create a print ad that you can bring to life with your smartphone. We’ve also developed prototypes that exist outside of smartphones, like an interactive whiteboard in our office. Check it out below.

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