Thursday, March 30, 2017

MPCL1A - Gulf Times Big Screen movies on the go

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When it comes to mobile projectors, there aren’t many good options to choose from. Many projectors tend to be from little-known companies that rely on limited feature sets and VGA resolutions and the compromises generally made to make these projectors portable and affordable (for a projector) make them hard to recommend.

Not many known manufacturers have had a go at this market. And the options are even more limited when it comes to Qatar. Enter the Sony MP-CL1A, the follow-up to the last year’s well-reviewed MP-CL1.

The MP-CL1A looks virtually indistinguishable from the outgoing model. Beneath the familiar exterior, is a familiar interior – this generation of the Sony pico projector has been all about refinements. And these refinements make the projector that much better.

The MP-CL1A comes in a simple box with the picture of the projector on it and an overview of its functions and features. Inside is another black box that opens up like a book – kind of like what Sony does with its high-end earbuds. Opening this box will reveal the first change that Sony has made over the outgoing model – the device sits inside a nice looking leatherette carrying pouch. The previous version did not come with a carrying pouch out of the box and it is nice to see Sony include one. The projector is, after all, designed to be portable.

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