Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Benefits of AR from Wall Street Journal

Benefits of AR -- and why business is going to clamor for these?
Save a lot of money with a relatively small investment.
MR. FOWLER: How are businesses using these?
MR. OSTERHOUT: The huge applications that are killers are telemaintenance, telepresence, telerepair. Being able to see anything anywhere and understand what it is.
For example, we were at Pepsi’s headquarters, and Pepsi got a call that their big German facility went down. They have multiple banks of machines, and when one of those machines goes down, it costs $1 million a day.
They had bought glasses, so they told the guys in Germany to turn them on. That allowed Pepsi’s people in the U.S. to see what the engineer in Germany was seeing when he went out on the line to investigate. The guys in the U.S. could say: “What you need to do is reset the breakers. Do this.” They could give instructions because they could see what [the engineer] was seeing halfway around the world in real-time. That’s killer.

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