Saturday, March 4, 2017

Doubt about everything Apple...

I suspect that Apple is purposefully and actively distracting people.

That different stories can be posted so confidently about something as simple as a connector says there's more going on. Both reports from reliable sources.

That Min-Chi Kuo missed last earnings season is also interesting.


Apple's upcoming new iPhone models will stick with the company's proprietary connector—the Lightning port—for charging and exchanging data, a leading analyst reported.

The news, from well-sourced KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, contradicted a report in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, which cited anonymous sources saying that Apple was dropping the port on the new iPhones in favor of the industry-standard USB-C port. That could have set off a wave of criticism after Apple just last year eliminated the headphone jack from iPhone, promoting using headphones that plugged into the Lightning port.

But Apple plans to keep the Lightning port on all three rumored upcoming models, Kuo wrote. Fortune reached out to Apple for comment and will update this story if any is received.

Apple's iPhone could celebrate its 10th birthday with a curved screen and USB-C connection.

According to the Wall Street Journal, at least one model in Apple's next update to the iPhone range could have a curved OLED screen, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

More intriguingly, the Journal quotes anonymous sources claiming the new iPhone would ditch Apple's proprietary Lightning connection for USB-C. USB cables for syncing and charging are standard across the mobile industry, but Apple has always stuck with its own charging connection. Shifting to USB-C would be a huge move for Apple.

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