Monday, March 20, 2017

Maybe someone did Math

I've had this conversation with a few friends. They and I think there MIGHT be something to this:

Two things may have inspired the price increase of the last few days:

1) The order announced last week was correctly interpreted as the beginning of a flood of orders.

I think there's a lot to this. The order was for engines modified from a normal engine -- so this is likely a smaller order than those that are coming. 

2) This could be related to the MobileEye acquisition. I'm no expert on MobileEye, not by a long shot, but what they do looks a lot like ONE of MicroVision's talents -- laser scanning/range finding. Some of the special abilities of Microvision's scanning technology were talked about during the last CC. Microvision MAY be better positioned than MobileEye in the long term. 

MobileEye just sold for 15 Billion. If that's the open market price for 1/3 of Microvision's businesses.... well, it's undervalued at current prices. 

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