Friday, March 24, 2017

Okay, So it's one of those Long-sales things....

It's a long sales thing, but if you don't see Microvision all over this....


So here it is. My bold prediction, you can even mark it on your calendar if you please:

By 2021, less than five years from today... that iPhone sitting in your pocket, or maybe you have an Android like me... is going to become completely obsolete.

But I don't just mean your particular phone or my particular phone. I mean smartphones altogether.

In the very near future, consumers all around the world will look back at today's smartphones the same way we look at floppy disks and flip-phones today.

Again, I know that right now, it probably sounds like that could never happen.... but let me explain exactly how I've arrived at this stunning conclusion.


Better yet, imagine you could choose any screen size imaginable, and have it follow you, wherever you look.

It would be a bit like having a weightless, 60-inch smartphone that you wouldn't have to worry about fitting it in your pocket.

In fact, these "iPhone Killing" devices will allow you to have as many screens as you want, without taking up any extra physical space.

You could be watching a football game, chatting with distant relatives on Skype, and checking your email all at once with a single device.

But the "iPhone Killer" goes way beyond just duplicating 2D screens.

It creates an immersive environment that merges technology seamlessly into the real world...

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