Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Accessory Projector = NOT too big.

The vast majority of the people who read this are in the US. I live in the US. One of the things I hear about having a projector *attached* to a cellphone is that it would be "too big."

Lately as I do my digging around MicroVision I have been seeing a lot of reference to accessory lenses for mobile phones.

So, what's too big? If people are willing to carry these things around to take pictures... they'll be willing to carry that and more around to SHOW them. (We like to look at pictures a lot more than we like to take them.)

It might fit expectations in the US. But there will be nothing "too big" about PicoP in other markets.

Kodak Pixpro

Action Life Media
mCAMLITE + Telephoto Lens

Google Search Cellphone accessory Lenses ($80+)

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