Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Who cares how much a game console weighs?

Many of us have long thought that PicoP would fit perfectly in a gaming device. Gamers like new stuff. They like to play games with other people. Portable games would be a lot more popular if they had the same horsepower and screen size as console games.

So, this may be nothing -- or really interesting. But a console game is something you take home, set up and leave there. (Maybe they do things differently in Japan?) Being concerned about the weight of a home gaming console seems odd -- unless it's getting a significant change and it's intended to be portable.

From Gamingbolt

"After initial leaks saw Sony filing a patent with the FCC for a 1TB PS4 earlier this month, the company has made it official alongside an announcement that a new version of the PS4 will be coming to Japan that is lighter and draws less power. The console with the 1TB HDD will be heading to Europe on July 15 and will make it to the US sometime after that, with an official release date in North America unknown."

Read more at http://gamingbolt.com/sony-officially-announces-lighter-ps4-as-well-as-version-with-1tb-hdd#uPG0AKxh8MI3e46g.99

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