Thursday, June 11, 2015


PicoTV -- new trademark filed by Celluon.

TV tuner + PicoProjector + ?

Also looking for one called "PicoBit."

I suspect PicoBit is the first sighting of what was an obvious use for PicoP some time ago... (AppleTV + PicoP + iPod)  -- I suspect Celluon is going to beat Apple to the punch at revolutionizing TV.

Sony TV tuner for Mobile Devices

SONY Digital TV for smartphones (being used in the wild now.) -- Also Able to record!

It seems like some awesome things are coming together.

I'm sure it's also getting much more difficult for some people to doubt the coming success of this technology.

More will show up here as it's found.

AppleTV is gamechanger (unless Celluon beats them to the punch.)

(good digging chambmc0530!)

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