Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Augmented Reality Market is HOT

MicroVision is the leader in Augmented Reality patents. Ahead of Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung, Google, IBM...

The Augmented Reality Market should grow from $500 Million in 2016 to $120 Billion in 2020. (Yes, that's 240X)

It wouldn't surprise me if we get some kind of offer, that I hope very sincerely is rejected. MicroVision is at the forefront of TWO major technological leaps that are occurring NOW.

Augmented World Expo

Boeing on Augmented Reality

Business Korea

According to industry sources on June 8, major IT companies are buying firms that are working on AR or showcasing new products.

The size of the AR market is expected to increase from US$500 million in 2016 to US$120 billion in 2020

 AR has the potential to be used in everyday life or numerous industry areas. AR technology can be used in fields like remote medical diagnosis, broadcasting, architectural design, and manufacturing process control.

The reason for foreign companies to focus on the AR market lies in its steep growth curve. Apple acquired AR solution developer Metaio in May. Virtual reality headset maker Oculus VR, which is a Facebook subsidiary, also recently revealed its interest in AR through the purchase of Surreal Vision.

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