Friday, June 5, 2015

Iris HUD - will come in laser

This looks like a very interesting product. We're a good fit for it. They will be doing both DLP and Laser based products.

From their Facebook Page:

We have both versions. [laser and DLP] We have limited quantity of Laser Display Allocated for the Indiegogo Campaign, as they tend to be more costly. We also have the DLP version which is for our main rewards. For production after the crowd funding campaign we will definitely have the ability to supply large quantities of the Laser version being that the numbers need to be quite high to be able to keep costs down. Both versions are fantastic and you would be amazed at what the DLP version can do. Having said that be sure to stay tuned for the start of the Campaign to assure yourself a Laser Version if you desire one.

IRIS HUD from Counting Ants Productions on Vimeo.

At Digital Trends

The Iris HUD is reportedly ready for production, but the development team needs some financial support to kickstart the manufacturing process. To move things along, the group will launch an Indiegogo campaign on Monday, June 8.

If enough cash is raised, shipping is expected to begin in the fall of this year. The device will retail for $499, but early pledges can net you the product for $299.

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