Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Microsoft to WOW advertisers with Hololens at Cannes

Augmented Reality is MicroVision's next big space. And MicroVision's PicoP will also have the ability to advertise effectively in new and exciting ways. It's an area to watch closely.

Full article at WSJ

The toughest ticket for executives attending the Cannes advertising festival this week isn’t an exclusive yacht party or a private concert. It’s a HoloLens demo.

That’s according to multiple ad buyers who have been briefed on Microsoft’s Cannes plans, and have been angling to get their clients and colleagues a first-hand look at Microsoft’s supposedly mind-blowing augmented reality technology.

Indeed, Microsoft officials seem to believe they have a product that will dazzle advertisers. Some ad buyers said Microsoft is looking for $10 million to $12 million commitments for brands to build virtual versions of their products for HoloLens (imagine, say, a virtual car demo). Others say prices are lower, but that Microsoft is driving a hard bargain. HoloLens won’t hit the market until sometime later this year.
On the flip side, some ad buyers think Microsoft should move faster and get HoloLens in front of as many marketers as possible to unlock creative thinking.

“I think HoloLens could be really exciting for them, but not enough people have seen it yet,” said one ad executive. “When you see it, you become an instant convert. But describing it in a PowerPoint deck is not going to give marketers reasons to figure out what to do with it. They need to do more demos.”

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