Monday, June 22, 2015

Market Capitalization

Occasionally we can benefit from a different way of looking at things.

A healthier company will have an increasing market capitalization.

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I track the market cap of all my stocks because it is the easiest way to see if the company is progressing, even if the stock isn’t. MicroVision seems like it is progressing, yet the stock doesn’t seem to reflect that. That was my feeling, but when it comes to investments I like to judge based on data when reasonable. The results surprised me.

MVIS 062115
At my six month checkups, MVIS hasn’t been above $6 since I’ve tracked the numbers in 2006. Its high was barely above $5 and its low was below $1. There was a 1:8 reverse split in early 2012, so if you look back online you’ll see a high eight times higher, just above $40. That looks dismal. It feels that way too, because I’ve been buying MVIS since 2000 and have shares at the equivalent of $56. That’s tough medicine from a regular exercise for a stock that traded on Friday at $3.08. The quoted stock price has been low, but constrained, compared to the price with the splits included. Neither line on the chart is encouraging.

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