Friday, June 5, 2015

Micromax: A Company to Watch Closely

This company produces new phones quickly. They take chances. They're innovative.

Of course, at a rate this fast, producing a PicoP product, separate from their phones seems to validate the "stand alone first" strategy of MicroVision management.

There's a lot more at the original article.

At Wall Street Journal

Early last year, product planners at India’s best-selling phone maker decided consumers wanted a handset that could be operated in many of the country’s 20-plus official languages.

Four months later, Micromax Informatics Ltd. unveiled the $110 Unite, which let users label their apps, type, send messages and interact on social media in 21 different scripts—from Marathi and Gujarati to Tamil—rather than just English and Hindi, as is common for Indian phones.

“We turn around faster than any other company,” said Micromax Chief Executive Vineet Taneja,as he reviewed mock-up models of more than 10 phones in the company’s buzzing Delhi headquarters.

Micromax sits at the bleeding edge of the global smartphone wars.

While Apple Inc. launches only two new iPhone models a year and Xiaomi around four, Micromax shipped more than 30 new smartphones last year ranging in price from $50 to more than $300—as well as a host of no-frills feature phones.

Micromax cuts language barrier

The most unique feature of Unite 3 would be, a user can easily translate or transliterate (change the script of the text) on the phone.

The awaited technology would be as simple as just swiping the screen on the phone which would perform the former operation within a few seconds.

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