Monday, June 29, 2015

Motley Fool & Augmented Reality

This is a repeat article. Good. Makes me curious when the next article about the topic with new information will hit the press.

Augmented reality is probably going to get mass adoption far faster than we think.

When MVIS gets the attention of Motley Fool, interesting things will start to happen.

The Foolish bottom lineAt the end of the day, we ask ourselves, how can virtual reality add value?
  • In the entertainment industry, content is key. Virtual reality offers studios the ability to create better content and have access to wider distribution -- boosting sales of games, movies, or tickets.
  • In the corporate world, efficiency is key. More cost-effective communication tools could save on SG&A, but still preserve the meeting-room feel.
  • In advertising, data is key. Augmented reality could make life easier for consumers or skilled workers, but also provide feedback on their habits or needs.
We think the adoption of virtual reality can have a big impact on many industries all over the world(s).


The potential for practical application AND entertainment is huge.

Smart helmet on Bloomberg

From MyBroadband
The way we consume information: Imagine going to a library or museum and being able to have a “conversation” with key people throughout history, or instantly transform the world around to you resemble a bygone era.
The fields of product development, marketing and customer engagement: Overlaying new digital services into retail environments opens up a host of new possibilities for organisations to tailor products to their consumers.
Back office/operational functions within the organisation: Companies are already finding ways to use AR in their supply chain, logistics and warehousing environments. Find out, for example, if a particular unit is missing from a shelf.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny at Gamespresso

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney claimed that Virtual Reality is just a niche concept for casual gamers in a recent interview with GamesIndustry. He also went on to state that Augmented Reality will become the next big thing in the developing realm.
“Whereas AR, if you look out a number of years I bet the majority of mankind will have an AR device – it will redefine interaction with computers and replace computer monitors, tablets, televisions and every kind of play technology.” While AR may be a view years out, it’s exciting to think about the endless ways AR could be incorporated not into just video games, but into daily life as well.
Sweeney promises more news within the year and we can only hope to apart of the Augmented Reality Generation.

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