Monday, June 8, 2015

History's most expensive yawn (UPDATED)

Apple had their Word Wide Developer Conference keynote speech this morning.

WWDC Highlights at THE VERGE

It delivered adjustments to some things - improvements to their products and software certainly. There was no WOW factor at all, (a Kando-free performance). The most exciting thing for the attendees was an upgrade of Swift, their programming language.

They did unveil their "new" music service, which apparently is a mixing of their acquisition "Beats" & iTunes. I wasn't impressed, and I'm kind of dreading needing to re-learn how to manage my music with iTunes.

The way I see it, Apple could have offered something that really wowed their fans, but they didn't.

Someday, they'll follow SONY into that territory.

Apple KILLS iPod

"Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry, who thinks Apple will ship 40 million unitsof the Watch in 2015, told Benzinga that the Apple Music service was a disappointment.

He said that this “is a me-too offering, which is not what Apple is considered to be. They should always be exponentially better than whatever else is available."

"Because Apple Music offers only a paid subscription, and because Pandora is used mostly as a free streaming app, it looks as if the two services will not compete. This, of course, assumes that that people who like free music now will not suddenly develop an urge to start paying for it in the future."

Read more:

The Telegraph  --

“There is definitely an appetite among iTunes users for this kind of service - over 20% of them already stream compared to 14% on average,” said Andy Saxton, consumer retail analyst at Kantar Worldpanel. “Yet with nearly three quarters currently using Spotify, the challenge for Apple will be to convert these users to their own platform.”

It's REALLY hard to get people to pay for what they're used to getting for free -- even for a company like Apple. Maybe they'll get a return on their $3Billion, but I retain my skepticism. 

Bloomberg -- "huh?" they didn't say it, but they have no idea what Apple is selling.

Tech Crunch Apple Buys Beats for 3 Billion

Apple Trapping Customers


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