Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tech Investing Daily

Another Investing Blog picks us up inside of two weeks --an excellent sign for stockholders. Others are starting to see the value of this gem of a company.

It is the same author as published as referred in the previous post, but a different location. 

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From Tech Investing Daily

With SmartCast, a smartphone doesn't just project an image or a video onto a surface — it actually transforms that surface into an interactive window capable of reading hand gestures and registering touch.

This effectively turns any wall into a giant smartphone face with full, seamless interfacing.

MicroVision leads the field in this technology, but it is a startlingly small company.

It holds 233 patents relevant to micro-projectors and augmented reality — the technology pioneered in the SmartCast user interface.

That's more than any other company... more than Google, Samsung, and Microsoft put together.

But the more impressive figure is 3.5. That's the average number of patents per employee.

Despite its dominance in the field, MicroVision has only 66 employees and trades in the very modest $3 range for a total market capitalization of $150 million.

Companies that small with advantages that huge typically don't stay there for too long.

If projection technology comes anywhere near the popularity and rate of adoption we saw with cameras, those patents will be worth billions in royalties.

Camera-equipped smartphones have gone up in sales by a factor of five, from 200 million to 1 billion units sold annually between 2009 and 2013.

Numbers aside, however, MicroVision will have its day in the sun because it does one thing that all successful tech companies must do to make a name: disrupt the market.

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