Tuesday, January 3, 2017

CES: Cost Effective LIDAR Sensing Might Steal the Show

LIDAR is a very interesting field, and I'm expecting it to advance very quickly. Like AR, there is a lot of demand for it. 

We know MVIS is there.

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  • Quite a few concept cars are expected to be showcased which will feature the convergence of electrification, automated driving, health wellness, interior of the features, vehicle to home connectivity including Honda (NeuV), Mercedes Benz Concept EQ, Rinspeed Oasis and so on.

Cost Effective Solid-State LIDAR for Automated Driving 
Solid-state LIDAR is going to be talked about for the second year in a row at CES with the only difference being a new set of players in the field. In addition to usual suspects like Velodyne and Quanergy this time around LeddarTech, startups like Blackmore Sensor and Analytics and tier 1 suppliers like Continental are expected to make the noise around LIDAR. Some of the interesting themes to be showcased are
  • Velodyne’s low cost solid-state LIDAR and sensing model. This coming from the most trusted LIDAR player currently could be a game changer for volume automakers. 
  • New solid-state 2D and 3D LIDARs with ranges of 200-300m will be unveiled by LeddarTech still chasing an aggressive price point of close to $100. With improved range, FOV and an ecosystem of partners and demonstrations on OEM vehicles like FCA, this Quebec-based company is fast scaling up the ranks. 
  • Collaborating with LeddarTech will be TriLumina, a spin-out from Sandia National Laboratories who will showcase a 256-Pixel 3D solid state LIDAR. The two companies are also expected to showcase its partnership efforts utilizing LeddarTech’s LeddarCore IC’s and TriLumina’s laser illumination model. 
  • Suppliers like Osram are expected to showcase its low cost solid-state LIDAR for under $100. Suppliers like Pioneer are expected to unveil more details around their LIDAR and sensing plans. 
  • Startups like Blackmore Sensor and Analytics who recently closed their Series A funding of $3.5 million will showcase a new line up of frequency-modulated continuous-wave LIDAR that functions more like a Radar system. 
  • Tier 1 suppliers like Continental are also expected to showcase its 3D flash LIDAR that are expected to support ADAS to level 4/5 automated driving functions.

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