Friday, January 6, 2017

Sony's Xperia Projector Prototype

This is good. 

Continued and expanding use of projectors for content and interactive content is fantastic.

In a plug-in model, PicoP isn't really necessary.... When you want to put it in your pocket and go, PicoP will shine.


The Xperia Projector is a short-throw projector about the size of a hardcover book. It projects a screen onto a surface in front of the projector and uses IR sensors to turn the surface into a 10-point multi-touch screen; it can also project up to an 80-inch image onto a nearby wall. It runs full, regular, Google Play-compatible Android, working with whatever apps you want, from Google Now to Minecraft PE. It connects to local Wi-Fi networks and plugs into the wall for power.

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