Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Check out the scan lines in the first ten seconds. Looks like Microvision.

...and it looks REALLY cool.

...and it fits with recent communications from Microvision

...and Microvision has plans to start mass production of interactive projection.

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“A headset reduces a user’s field of view and tends to be uncomfortable, whereas HoloLamp enables the user to achieve an immersive experience without having to hold or wear any equipment,” said HoloLamp cofounder Guillaume Chica in a statement provided to VentureBeat. “The hands-free and glasses-free technology allows users to easily engage with their surroundings while using HoloLamp, making it an ideal solution for numerous business and personal environments.”

Objects created by HoloLamp can be manipulated with a PlayStation 4 controller today, but in the future the company wants to make control of objects possible by touching the surface where an image is projected.

Hololamp Website

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