Monday, January 30, 2017

Interesting Patent From Microsoft, Possible now with Microvision

So, Joe sent this to me on Friday morning.

This is good stuff.

It looks a lot like the video from Microvision. 

And similar in concept to what NVDIA showed at CES (Fast forward to 30:00)

Way beyond voice activation, Microsoft's system will offer a highly sophisticated 3D depth camera in tune with a pico projector to allow video conferencing to occur in any room in your home or office as the imagery could be projected on a wall instead of a computer display as noted in our cover graphic. Microsoft's home automation system could be set up in a user's home or office and act as a form of video-intercom. The system could be set up in a home in various configurations such as a device like the Amazon Echo or on the wall or ceiling so that a conversation could take place while a user is moving from room to room.


The projection unit 100 also comprises a rotating projection module #304 comprising at least one pico projector and optionally comprising an optical arrangement comprising mirrors and/or lenses configured to optically move light projected by the pico projector.

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