Saturday, January 7, 2017

CES Trends - Get ready for your TV to disappear

Not a direct hit, but close. 

He's focused on the big models and a lot of them that will set you back a lot of bucks. And One is available from Celluon that can fit in your pocket for under $500.

Hisense can get you up to 140 inches for $13,000? 

Jako Roettgers is someone who should notice Microvision


But while TV screens are getting thinner and thinner, some companies are working on screen-free futures altogether. Sony showed off a really impressive 4K laser projector dubbed the VPL-VZ1000ES that made you forget that you are not looking at a TV — and unlike the old man-cave projector that needed to be mounted across the room, this new generation of projectors is short-throw, which means it can be placed inches away from the projection target. Sadly, your bank account will know the difference between this and a regular TV right away: The VPL-VZ1000ES will cost $25,000.

Hisense is making a slightly more affordable laser projector that is going to retail for $13,000, and the company said that the device will eventually be able to power screens of up to 140 inches. Hisense also showed off the next generation of laser projectors with two color wheels, hinting at a glorious future where the best picture quality won’t require a display at all.

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