Sunday, January 22, 2017

Startups to watch from CES 2017

Microvision confirmed that Hololamp has Microvision Tech inside. It appears that Hololamp they're moving ahead with a developer version.



Spatial augmented reality projector bot
One of the big tech trends at CES 2017 was augmented reality -- the ability to transpose graphics, video or other computer-generated content on top of what you are actually looking at. While most AR systems depend on glasses and other headgear, the folks at Hololamp are developing a system that projects a 3D image -- well, an image that appears to be 3D -- onto a tabletop or other surface.
Alan Jay, the cofounder, explains how it works: Using a computer based on the Unity game development platform, the system first creates an image of a 3D object. "We then track your face using our device, and because we know where you are, we can take the 3D object, form a 2D projection of it onto the tabletop with the projector, and then as you move, change the projection, so it is as if you were looking at a 3D object."
The Hololamp, says Jay, has excited a lot of interest among developers. "I was talking to somebody who runs services for doctors, and he said wouldn't it be great if, when you went in to talk to your doctor, they could actually have a 3D model of your heart in front of them."
He adds that the Hololamp is about eight weeks from the point "where we'll have something we can show people to buy." The company is planning a crowdfunding campaign aimed at developers; he expects the initial price of the developer unit to be around $1,000

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