Wednesday, January 25, 2017


This is cool. Microvision is in this.

Telepresence Options -- More at the source.

HoloLamp is a portable, self-contained, projection-based augmented reality system that fits on your desk and plugs into your PC. The HoloLamp includes a pico projector that projects a simulated holographic image onto any surface, allowing you to experience AR without a bulky headset. The system features multiple cameras that scan the projection surface topography and objects within the space. HoloLamp also uses face tracking cameras to help create the hologram illusion.
HoloLamp leverages "spatial augmented reality," which allows the system to project images onto any surface. HoloLamp maps the surface below the projection area using advanced computer vision techniques and warps the projected image to compensate for different surface elevations and angles. The HoloLamp renders the projected image in such a way that it tricks your brain into perceiving a holographic image when you're really looking at a flat projected image. The system also tracks the position of your face in real time to ensure that you always see the correct perspective.

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