Sunday, January 8, 2017

C|Net Virtual Reality Disappoints at CES

What was everyone paying attention to?

This writer seems to have his AR and his VR tangled up a bit. 

Virtual reality is something that is going to isolate people from each other. Augmented Reality should do some bringing together -- or at least not further isolate.

It's a long process though.

There's a slide show, be sure to stop at #23 and #43 -- places where PicoP and Microvision's tech can shine. Although the Panasonic Projector in an egg is a better idea. 

C|Net -- This article featured on Drudge Report -- which is mainstream media

Most VR companies at CES 2017 are talking about things few consumers will think about, like new sensor technology and software development tools. (Scott Stein, who reviews virtual reality tech for CNET, says "most of the major players in VR took CES off, and the biggest advancements needed to take VR forward -- better displays, wireless, and less bulky designs -- still haven't gotten here yet.")

From Slide #23

Endless Mission Mini and Mission One cheap and tiny PCs
Endless gets its cool cred in part from its intentions. The Endless computers are small, cheap and optimized for areas where internet access is unpredictable. This year's models have a more sophisticated design than its plastic ball. Though they don't run a standard operation system, they come piled with applications. Plus, the systems will also work with its Endless Code initiative, a preinstalled package of tutorials and tools for teenage-level prospective coders.

Slide #43

Hello Egg: Bizarre but useful kitchen helper

Essentially a weird-looking, kitchen-centric with a projector (it's a Magic 8-Ball for the 21st century), the Egg not only looks up recipes you ask for, but projects step-by-step videos to help you make them. There's a similar concept assistant from , but it's not nearly as goofy looking, which is part of Hello Egg's charm. If it rolls its eye at my cooking skills, though, it's gonna end up scrambled.

In preorder now. Entering Indigogo crowdfunding campaign in Mary 2017.

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