Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hololamp Bring the Future Today

Think about it for just a second. Who's the first to offer actually this? Microvision. That's pretty cool.

People have been dreaming about seeing this for about 40 years.

VRCircle -- more at the source.

Check out the world’s first portable spatial augmented reality projector HoloLamp! Traditional augmented reality experiences require the use of glasses, tablets or phones, which can reduce your field of view.  With the HoloLamp, users can perceive virtual objects hands-free with a technology that renders graphics giving an illusion of 3D objects on any surface.

So what is it exactly?  HoloLamp is a device that enables the creation of mixed reality elements by combining real objects with HoloLamp effects, which allows users to interact with content in new ways.  The device is connected to a computer through HDMI and USB and uses multiple cameras and a pico projector.  The HoloLamp technology warps the image being displayed so that the picture users see appear three dimensional. 

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