Thursday, January 12, 2017

STM at CES -- Updated

Got something forwarded to me that looks awesome, and we have a huge player in our corner.

ST Microelectronics published a guide to their display at CES. 

Microvision is mentioned in it twice: 
  • "Internet of things" display, in the section "experience smart things." Where they showed the "Microvision interactive Pico Projector" Which mentioned portable use and "in home IoT devices."
  • "Smarter Driving" area, where they showed the "Microvision Virtual Image Heads up display." (which also mentioned "wearable" devices")

This was of course mixed with various other STM Products. That they mention multiple uses in difference spaces in both cases, is great news for us. Yes it will be mobile and portable, but certainly not restricted to cell phones. Bigger displays everywhere. 

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