Friday, January 6, 2017

Mid Range LIDAR

Screenless displays, interactive projection, near eye displays and LiDAR are major growing areas in electronics. (Microvision's tech is useful in all of these areas.)

Much of the talk recently in tech is about self-driving cars, and what they need are really good sensors to look around.

I heard a conversation yesterday about just how good that is and did a little checking up. The story I hears was about how the car is taking pictures of everything all the time -- lots and lots of sensing going on -- and when the car detected in front of it a car that was slowing, and a following car that couldn't possibly stop in time -- warned the driver about the accident BEFORE it happened.

There's video of this happening.

A lot of old-timers who are used to having their hands on the wheel ( and being surrounded by lesser drivers ) have some hesitance about accepting assistance from a machine.

Will this all be perfect? No. Will it need better sensors to get there? Yes. The Mems LIDAR will be very useful for this, and is driving down prices.

Microvision is in LIDAR with STM, which is a tremendous partner. 

Ford is working with Velodyne, and Velodyne is mentioning Microvision in at least one LiDAR patent  -- the current Velodyne laser scanner is large and expensive.

CNET - LIDAR and self-driving cars.

Mercury News -- more at source

More Background - ABC Australia

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